Butia catarinensis

Family: Arecaceae    棕榈树

通用名称: Coastal Jelly Palm

Butia bonnetii

Butia de bahia

枝条抗寒性区: 7b     英国和美国的地带地图

Butia catarinensis 学问

Butia catarinensis grows in huge populations in parts of Southern Brazil along the coast especially around Laguna, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul. This is a smallish palm compared to the usual Butia capitata or B. odorata, the trunk is very fine and the palm rarely reaches 3m height.


最初是从, Brazil

This palm grows in open coastal vegetation (restinga) in fine, white, sandy soils (stabilised dunes) at an elevation of 3-30 m above sea-level. Populations start somewhere just south of Floianopolis, santa Catarina and continue south to the northeast corner of the state of Rio Grande do Sul near the community of Torres.

地点: Brazil (-27.271557°N, -48.867188°E)

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