Pinanga acuminata

Family: Arecaceae    棕榈树

通用名称: 没有已知的

枝条抗寒性区: 10a     英国和美国的地带地图

Stems clustered, to 5 m tall, 1.5-2 cm in diam., yellowish. Leaves pinnate; sheaths closed and forming crownshafts, to 25 cm, yellowish green with reddish brown scales; petioles to 30 cm; rachis 45-65 cm; pinnae 6-9 per side of rachis, green abaxially, sigmoid, multi-veined, regularly arranged, distantly spaced; middle pinnae 30-39 x 2.5-4 cm. Inflorescences spicate, pendulous or rarely erect; peduncles 1.5-2 x 0.4-0.5 cm; rachis absent; rachilla 1, 11-19 cm, straight, rounded in cross section, glabrous; triads spirally arranged, sunken in rachilla; male flowers to 6 mm, semipersistent; sepals to 1.5 mm, connate at base into a 3-lobed cupule; petals to 6 mm, triangular, valvate; stamens not seen; female flowers ca. 3 mm; sepals ca. 3 mm, acuminate, scarcely ciliate; petals ca. 3 mm, ciliate. Fruits red, ellipsoid, to 1.8 x 1 cm.



最初是从, China, Myanmar

Lowland rain forests; below 1000 m.

地点: Myanmar, China (Yunnan) (25.703579°N, 97.778320°E)

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