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Geonoma cuneata subsp. sodiroi
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Geonoma cuneata subsp. sodiroi

Family: Arecaceae    棕榈树

通用名称: To pirin

Geonoma sodiroi, Geonoma gibbosa

枝条抗寒性区: 11     英国和美国的地带地图

Stems solitary or rarely clustered, short and erect, rarely more than 30 cm long, 2-3 cm in diameter, rough-ringed. Leaf blade 40-100 cm long, with 4-12, sigmoid pinnae on each side; ribs slightly depressed above, forming an angle of 60-90° with the rachis; developing leaves reddish green. Fruit globose. Flowers in Jan-Mar.

The reddish colour of the developing leaves coupled with sigmoid pinnae with the main vein not raised above appears to distinguish this variety unambiguously from all other forms of the species. At present no large, healthy population of this variety is known and it must be considered an endangered taxon Endemic to W Ecuador, known only from a small area around Sto. Domingo de los Colorados.


最初是从, Ecuador

Western Ecuador at 475(300-650) m elevation in lowland rainforest.

地点: Ecuador (-0.317137°N, -79.211426°E)

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