Bismarckia nobilis sp. mayotte

Family: Arecaceae    棕榈树

通用名称: Mayotte Bismarck Palm

Medemia nobilis

French: Palmier de Bismarck, German: Bismarck-Palme

枝条抗寒性区: 10b     英国和美国的地带地图

A solitary, large, drought tolerant, salt-tolerant, moderately slow growing, dioecious palm. Not known in cultivation, locally common in the wild. It has a smooth, grey-brown trunk, 20 m. (66 ft.) tall, 30.5 cm. (12 inch) diameter with no obvious leaf scars, and huge segmented, palmate (fan) leaves, 3 m. (10 ft.) long, 1.5 m. (5 ft.) wide, green above and beneath.

Leaves: Costapalmate, 1.5 diameter at greatest width, 13-30 green leaves in the crown.

Bismarckia nobilis sp. mayotte won't tolerate freezing temperatures. Although it can survive cool temperatures. This species naturally occurs on islands in open forest, and is heavily effected by the surrounding sea temperatures, which are constant. In this type of natural environment temperature fluctuations are slight, and this palm prefers a constantly mild to hot climate with little temperature difference between day & night, and Summer & Winter. Under cold conditions we recommend you keep this palm as dry as possible, and well wrapped up.

Naturally occurs on Mayotte Island.


最初是从, Madagascar

地点: Mayotte Island, Madagascar (-12.768946°N, 45.109863°E)




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